GBWhatsApp APK Download (Official) Latest Version

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GBWhatsApp is the earliest App copy of WhatsApp that's typically been updated up until today.

Download GB Whatsapp APK is an advanced version of WhatsApp. There are many advanced features in this app that are not common in WhatsApp like status saving, airplane mode, and DND mod sharing videos up to 200GB. Users can hide their online status. They can use the auto-reply option for a faster reply. There is a lot of privacy in this app. They can disable the forwarded tag. This is a user-friendly and device-supporting app. This app is totally free of cost. Download GBWhatsapp which has many premium features. Most of the features that are limited in WhatsApp like that we can send only 30 images at a time WhatsApp is too boring and time-wasting but Gb WhatsApp allows the user to send 80+ images in one click.

Summary Of GBWhatsApp APK Features

GB WhatsApp Apk has a wonderful collection of features. I’m totally assured that you will be demonstrated to get this app download to your android device.

Auto-Reply Feature
You can use the autoreply feature to your contacts at any time. This makes your chat faster. You will be able to reply to your friends at any time.
DND Mod Feature
This is another beautiful feature of this App. DND mod will work when you are using any other App and you don’t want any disturbance. This feature will disable the internet connection from gb WhatsApp, and you can work easily.
Beautiful Collection of Emojis, GIFs
There is a large number of emojis, GIFs, and launcher icons available in this wonderful application. You can easily use these emojis, GIFs, and launcher icons during your chat. There is a huge number of emojis present in any emotional situation.
Share Multiple Media Fastly
You can easily send videos, audio, images, and documents. High-resolution images can be sent in one click. More than 1GB of files can be sent in one click. Documents of any type can be sent in one click.
Set Languages and Multiple Accounts
Set any language of your choice in this application. You can set up more than 2 accounts in your Gb whatsapp Download APK. This app offers you these amazing features without any pay. On the other hand, the official WhatsApp does not allow these features.
Customize Your GBWhatsApp APK
You can easily customize your account with just a few clicks on it. GBWhatsapp A can use this application to your choice. Change font size, themes, and many more to your choice. You can hide your online status; you can set the autoreply messages option.
Upload Long Status
You can upload long statuses very easily. This feature is absent in official WhatsApp. where you are bound to upload a status of only 30 seconds. Share Your Live Location You can also share your live locations with your friends.
Send Maximum Photos
You can send many pics with just one click. This feature is outstanding because in official WhatsApp you are bound to send only 30 images at a time, that was too boring and time-wasting a way of sending pics to your contacts.
People Nearby
You can add many more friends to your WhatsApp account through the people nearby feature. This feature allows you to add friends of your friends very easily.
Mark as unread messages
When you see a text that is irrelevant, and you don’t want to reply to this text then don’t worry GBWhatsApp APK Download allows you to set the text marked as unread. Outstanding Effects You can use outstanding effects in the videos and images that you send to your friends.

GB WhatsApp APK  Key features

let’s have a look at the key features of this amazing app.

  • Download WhatsApp Gb without any cost
  • This app is very easy to use
  • Pinn more than 3 contacts easily
  • You can mark your favorite data
  • You can back up your account very easily
  • There is an amazing collection of themes
  • You can download the statuses of others without asking them
  • Easy to mute any group or chat
  • You can speed up the voice messages
  • Video and audio calls can be done
  • Easily record the audio calls
  • DND mode supporting
  • You can send and receive the high-GB files
  • Many numbers of files can be sent in one click
  • Customize your account according to your choice
  • Set the font size to your choice
  • Block and unblock the contacts
  • Anti-invoke texts freely
  • Previous bugs are totally settled now
  • A wonderful collection of emojis, stickers, and GIFs is available
  • Long statuses can be uploaded easily
  • Add more than one account to this App
  • Online status hiding feature is available
  • Auto-reply option is present
  • Send Broad cost texts easily
  • All types of lock features are available
  • Download any status easily
  • An amazing collection of tick styles is present
  • Set the texts schedule of your choice
  • Enjoy all the features freely; this is an anti-ban App
  • Archive any chat to hide it from others
  • Change the App icon to hide it from others
  • Last seen can be hidden from others
  • Notifications icons can be changed easily
  • Change the Video player of your choice
  • A number of languages are present
  • Send high-resolution images easily


If you want the latest version of GBWhatsApp APK Download ith its all-premium features, then download it from here without losing a penny. This App offers you many outstanding features like hiding all your activities, revoking multiple SMSs, hiding your online statuses, auto-reply feature, and many other features. Download the application from here, enjoy all its premium features and also share this amazing app with your friends.