Overview of WhatsApp Web: Importance, Features, and Process

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The most popular social networking app worldwide is WhatsApp. It frequently updates its features, adding even more over time. WhatsWeb is a well-known feature of WhatsApp that lets you utilize the web browser on your computer to access WhatsApp.


Thus, this function denotes WhatsApp's usage outside of phones! It is also referred to as WhatsApp Web. With WhatsApp Web, you can easily conduct WhatsApp Commerce and remain in touch with consumers on any device through an easy and safe setup process.


The PC client for WhatsApp Messenger that runs in a browser is called web.whatsapp.com. Recall that you are using the exact same account on both of them, thus it is not a separate account. 


You can access WhatsApp messenger on Mac, Windows, iPad or Android tablets. This new WhatsApp web is very easy to set up on any of the above listed devices. 

In this article, we will discuss how to use WhatsApp Web on web browsers, the benefits and limitations of the same and ways to overcome limitations.


Who can use WhatsApp Web? 

Sometimes extensive use of WhatsApp is involved in your work for communication. It could be for communicating with colleagues and customers or it could be for sharing various files throughout the day.  

During such times, it may get difficult to manage conversations only on your phone. In this case, to overcome challenges, choosing WhatsApp Web is more convenient and efficient. 

Remember that if you have WhatsApp mobile app installed on your phone, then only WhatsApp Web works on your web browser. You must be logged into your WhatsApp account to smoothly use WhatsApp Web on your desktop. 

To connect with your contacts while working on your computer, WhatsApp web is the perfect platform.  You can easily send and receive messages, share photos and videos, and more.  

Using WhatsApp Web on Web Browser


The web-based version of WhatsApp is essentially known as WhatsApp Web. Now let's explain how to utilize WhatsApp web in your web browser.


The process of logging onto WhatsApp Web is easy to follow. That being said, there are certain differences between the iOS and Android login processes. There are several web browsers that work with this service: Microsoft Edge, Opera, Safari, Firefox, Google Chrome, and Firefox.

compared to the WhatsApp desktop software, which is discussed below, WhatsApp online requires no installation. You only need to visit web.whatsapp.com to complete the process.


Let's examine how to log into WhatsApp Web using a variety of browser platforms and devices. These precise instructions provided in an easy-to-follow format undoubtedly make the task simpler for.


Steps to Login to WhatsApp Web from an Android Device


  1. The first step is going to https://web.whatsapp.com/ on your browser. As it opens, you will see a web QR code on your screen.  
  1. The second step is to open WhatsApp on your phone. Click on ‘More’ options (this is nothing but the Triple dots on the top right corner) 
  1. Third, select ‘Linked Devices’ and then tap on ‘Link A Device’  
  1. Now, go around with the on-screen instructions on your device. You may need authentication here.   
  1. Now, use your Android phone to scan the QR code shown on your desktop or laptop screen. 
  1. As prompted, you can select Done. 

In this way, you are successfully connected to WhatsApp Web through your Android phone. Enjoy the experience! 


Steps to Login to WhatsApp Web from an iPhone 

The steps to log in to WhatsApp Web with an iPhone are almost same as that of Android. The only difference is in the second step. You will have to stay logged in on WhatsApp on your iPhone to scan the QR code for the same. 

  1. On the browser, visit https://web.whatsapp.com/. You will now see web QR code on the screen. 
  2. Secondly, open WhatsApp on your iPhone and go to Settings. 
  3. Now, click ‘Linked Devices’ and then on ‘Link A Device’ 
  4. See if there are any instructions for authentication and follow them. Now, with your iPhone, scan the QR code on your laptop or desktop screen. 
  5. If prompted, click on Done. 

And now you have successfully logged in to WhatsApp Web through your iPhone. 

Well, as we have seen the steps to login to WhatsApp web through Android and iPhone, just explore a few more related points. 


Using WhatsApp on the Desktop App 

If you want dedicated apps for different tasks, then the WhatsApp Desktop App is the perfect option. It appears as a separate icon on your taskbar from where you can easily and quickly access WhatsApp.

WhatsApp Desktop App encompasses some extra features than WhatsApp Web. These include voice calls, video calls, and keyboard shortcuts for editing and replying to messages. 

Logging into the WhatsApp Desktop App and that into the WhatsApp Web are almost same. The only difference here is, you need to download and install the WhatsApp Desktop app from the Microsoft store. 

The steps to install and log into the WhatsApp Desktop App on a MacBook and that on the Windows devices are same. 




WhatsApp Web shortcuts:  

The following table displays a few WhatsApp Web shortcuts to use in your Windows PC or Mac: 


Use of the key 

On Mac 

On Windows 

Find messages 


press CMD + SHIFT + F key combinations to search the info 

press the key combinations CTRL + SHIFT + F 

Find unread messages 


input CMD + CTRL + SHIFT + U 

input the keyboard shortcut combination is CTRL + ALT + SHIFT + U 

Archive chats 





Create Group 




Initiate new chat 


CMD + N 



Customize your account 



Mute notifications - Stop receiving notifications 




Delete chats 


CMD + SHIFT + Backspace 

CTRL + ALT + Backspace 

Search in chat lists 


CMD + CTRL + / 





Downloading and using WhatsApp Web app with QR code 

While using WhatsApp as an app for your desktop, instead of going to your web browser and loading WhatsApp Web each time, you can try below steps: 

  1. Go to www.whatsapp.com/download on your computer and press enter.
  1. For Mac or Windows PC, you should click the green Download button. The website itself detects whether it's a Mac or a Windows PC. Once the file gets downloaded, you can install it on your system and open it.
  1. Now you can see the QR code, just like you see it when you open WhatsApp Web on a browser. You must scan this QR code now from your phone by opening WhatsApp.
  1. For Android phones, you should open WhatsApp tap the vertical three-dots icon and select WhatsApp Web. For an iPhone, open WhatsApp tap Settings and then tap WhatsApp Web.
  1. Before scanning the code, you should tick the ‘keep me signed in’ option. It is right below the QR code. This simply prevents scanning the code every time you open the app.
  1. Now, you are all set to run WhatsApp as an app on your computer. 


Using WhatsApp Web without a QR code -h2 


Now, you understand how to sign in to WhatsApp Web by scanning a QR code (through your iPhone or Android phone) right?  

If you are not willing to do so, you can use the phone number of your WhatsApp account. This will give you an eight-digit code to authenticate the link instead. The following steps make it much clearer.  

  1. First, go to WhatsApp Web sign-in page and then choose Link with phone number. 
  2. After that, you need to enter the phone number of your WhatsApp account. Then you should select Next. 
  3. Now, you will see an eight-digit code. Just enter this in your phone’s WhatsApp. 
  4. Open WhatsApp on your iPhone or Android as given above and then choose Linked Devices. 
  5. Now, you can select Link a device. 
  6. Once the QR code screen appears, you should choose Link with phone number and then enter the eight-digit code from WhatsApp Web when prompted. 
  7. So, now you can see the WhatsApp page in your browser with the current list of chats. 


How to logout from WhatsApp Web? 

It is always safe and a good idea to log out your WhatsApp Account (that you opened on the PC) if not in use. Check out these steps to logout from WhatsApp Web: 

First, log out from PC or laptop; 

  1. Open WhatsApp web  
  1. Click on the menu (indicated by triple dots) 
  1. Now, click log out from the drop-down options.  

Now, log out from phone; 

  1. Open WhatsApp on your mobile device. 
  1. For Android, click on more options (three dots) and then linked devices whereas for iPhone, go to WhatsApp Settings and then click on linked devices. 
  1. From here, you can select all the devices to be logged out. 
  1. Now, tap log out and you are done! 


Do you really need your iPhone or Android Smartphone to stay logged in? 


The good news is your WhatsApp account will remain active on the web even if your smartphone is not active. If you log out from it by yourself then only it does so. Thankfully, WhatsApp's new multi-device feature makes this possible and now you can access WhatsApp Web even if your phone is not active.

And you don’t have to do any extra setup for using this feature. It is now a default part of WhatsApp on all devices. 


Benefits of WhatsApp Web 


  • As you will be using PC keyboard for typing, typing whatsapp  messages will be quicker. It is especially helpful for longer messages. 
  • It's a great way to access other work-related tools on the same device while also communicating on WhatsApp. It provides perfect convenience to PC users. 
  • WhatsApp Web makes it easy and quick to share multiple files such as photos, videos, documents, and contacts from your PC. 
  • If you are logged in on WhatsApp web, you don’t require to keep your smartphone online to use it. 
  • It allows you to log into one WhatsApp account with 1 smartphone and up to 4 PCs. This works very well for small business communication and customer support. 
  • With the new Messenger Rooms feature in WhatsApp Web, you can create group video and audio calls on Desktop App. You can share the room link with others to join the call. It doesn’t matter whether they have WhatsApp or Messenger. 

Limitations of the WhatsApp Web 

  • The type of message scheduling on the new WhatsApp web is quite limited. It allows sending only away and greeting messages to the users. Sadly, you can’t schedule messages for specific conditions or events. 
  • If the businesses must send broadcast messages to more than 256 recipients, then it may not be enough for larger-scale promotions. 
  • With web.whatsapp.com mobile, you can login to just 4 devices. This puts restrictions for brands if they want to access the app on more devices for query handling. 
  • Automation on the WhatsApp web is limited to only basic replies. You can’t integrate a chatbot for managing FAQs or other sales and support related queries. 
  • WhatsApp web to go is not compatible for interactive features like list messages and reply to buttons. 
  • Integration with CRMs, other third-party apps and chat automation apps is not possible with the WhatsApp Business web app. 



Ways to Overcome Limitations on WhatsApp Web 


  • The best way is to upgrade from normal WhatsApp to WhatsApp API. WebMaxy assists you in quickly implementing WhatsApp API. We also provide a range of efficient WhatsApp marketing features that extend your reach to success.   
  • With WhatsApp business API, you can broadcast your messages to a large volume including unlimited saved and unsaved contacts. 
  • You can get real-time analytics and detailed reports to track your metrics to stay on the curve. This helps fine-tune your approach and make your WhatsApp marketing campaign successful. 
  • You can get a single WhatsApp number for a whole company with a cloud-based team inbox. 
  • Moreover, with AI-powered WhatsApp chatbot, you can share end-to-end automated catalogues, order bookings or alerts. This can also be used to answer customers’ queries, abandoned cart notifications, send automated birthday and anniversary wishes, pending balance reminders etc.  
  • We allow integration of many tools including Shopify, Magento, Google Sheets, WooCommerce etc.  
  • You can also block unnecessary messages to keep up the quality of business interactions. 


To Wrap Up 

WhatsApp Web offers the same ease of using as that of mobile app, and the interface is also same and familiar. So, leverage your WhatsApp to its fullest potential using the WhatsApp Business API. And WebMaxy is the perfect WhatsApp marketing tool for the same.   

WebMaxy is there with you in overcoming the limitations of standard WhatsApp for your eCommerce business. You can use our top-notch ecommerce management platform to transform this messaging app into a vital tool for business growth. 

Want to explore more about WebMaxy and our services? Book a FREE demo now to get to know us better! 



  1. What is WhatsApp Web?  

Ans. WhatsApp Web is the latest feature of WhatsApp useful for many businesses. By using this feature, you can seamlessly use WhatsApp on your computer's web browser. 

  1. How can you use WhatsApp Web? 

Ans. Working of WhatsApp Web on the browser and that on your phone is same.  

  1. What are the benefits of WhatsApp web?  

Ans. There are many benefits of using WhatsApp web;

Typing messages will be quicker with a PC keyboard in case of WhatsApp web. It is especially useful for longer messages. 

You can also use other work-related tools on the same device as well as communicate on WhatsApp. So, it gives perfect convenience to PC users. 

By using WhatsApp Web, you can easily and quickly share multiple files such as photos, videos, documents, and contacts from your PC. 


  1. How to add status in WhatsApp Web? 

Ans. It is not possible to update the status on WhatsApp Web. But the good thing is you can see the status updated by your contacts. The status update feature is not available on WhatsApp web.  

  1. Is WhatsApp Web free to use? 

Ans. WhatsApp Web is free to use like your normal WhatsApp.